Photos from the Field

Crash Carts Save Lives

A crash cart is a portable cart stocked with easily accessible equipment and medication for emergency medical situations. It allows staff to respond quickly and effectively during an emergency. Unfortunately, for many hospitals and health clinics in resource poor communities, a crash cart is a luxury few can afford, and staff may spend valuable time searching for the correct supplies during a medical emergency.

So when  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) notified Global Links that they would have 400 crash carts available for donation in 2019, we jumped at the opportunity. In 2019, Global Links sent crash carts from CHOP to Presto Municipality in Bolivia, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti, and Centro Integral de Salud Comayagua in Honduras. We are excited to send them to more health centers in 2020. Staff in these locations can now quickly respond to any medical emergency and, ultimately, save lives.

No longer needed furnishings and equipment, like crash carts, help Global Links support health improvement initiatives in resource poor communities around the world.

At Hospital Santa Bárbara Integrado, located in the municipality of Santa Bárbara, Honduras, the staff did not have access to functioning crash carts. In the event of an emergency they had to work together to carry a heavy wooden cabinet without wheels (pictured on the left) or an old cart with broken wheels to the bedside of the patient, significantly delaying their ability to provide treatments. With the recent arrival of functioning crash carts from Global Links (pictured on the right), staff can now quickly transport the necessary emergency supplies directly to the bedsides of patients in crisis.