We believe health for all is a global good.

Since 1989 Global Links has supported health improvement projects in 100+ countries.

Global Links works with public health authorities to strengthen health systems for measurable impact in the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. We also support local safety-net organizations serving vulnerable individuals.

We partner with healthcare facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region to provide a socially and environmentally responsible alternative to sending useful surplus materials to landfills.

Global Links collaborates with officials, administrators and community leaders in our program countries to ensure our projects support public health goals and deliver measurable results.

Our staff works with Pittsburgh's healthcare professionals and community at large to build systems that divert valuable surplus from landfills.

We convene a vibrant community of more than 2,000 volunteers who assess, prepare and pack materials at our headquarters in Pittsburgh.

Global Links' projects meet very specific needs, reach diverse populations, and adapt to changing environments - both at home and abroad.

By staying focused on goals and fostering partnerships that improve public health, we create change that has a profound impact on people's lives.

We believe health for all is a global good.