Photos from the Field

Global Links responds to cholera outbreak in Haiti

When cholera broke out in Haiti in October, the Pan American Health Organization asked Global Links to help. Haiti, already stressed by the violent earthquake of January 2010 and decades of extreme poverty, lacked adequate supplies of basic medical equipment. Mattresses, linens, soap and IV poles were requested. The 369 mattresses were loaded into two 40-foot shipping containers, stacked to the ceiling and packed in as tightly as possible.

Also included were 97 IV poles -- a basic item important for treating a disease like cholera, where survival can depend on rehydration by intravenous infusion.

Loading the container is like working a three-dimensional puzzle. Materials must be packed carefully to arrive in good condition.

Linens, including 432 sheets, along with 600 boxes of soap and 8070 pairs of exam gloves, round out the shipments.

Global Links fills a sea container of this size almost every week. Each shipment is different, because each one is precisely designed to fill a need at one of our partner hospitals. The surplus medical furnishings and equipment they carry improve healthcare in some of the most vulnerable communities in this hemisphere.