Mobility & Disability Support

Mobility Means Ability

In underserved areas, mobility aids such as canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs, are prohibitively expensive and often hard to obtain. 
Even in the US, many important homecare items, including mobility aids, are not covered by insurance and must be purchased. 

Global Links recovers mobility aids from the community and healthcare institutions and redistributes them to public health organizations serving vulnerable populations. We collaborate with partners in Western Pennsylvania and throughout Latin America. The World Health Organization has been working towards making the world fully inclusive for people with disabilities and Global Links is helping to meet that goal.

How you can help:

Your no longer needed mobility aid can offer someone a new lease on life. Donations of gently-used materials can be dropped off at our headquarters or other partner sites throughout the year.

Groups and individuals are encouraged to host mobility drives to collect materials in their community or volunteer to help us assess wheelchairs and specialized mobility equipment.

Learn more about how you or your group can be a vital part of Global Links’ Mobility Project by emailing or calling 412.361.3424.