Maternal & Infant Health

Supporting Safer Births and Healthier Newborns

A pregnant woman in a resource-poor community often has difficult choices. Clinics providing prenatal care may be far from her home and difficult to reach. She may have to miss work or find childcare to attend an appointment.  But prenatal care and attended deliveries improve survival rates for mothers and infants.

Global Links helps to improve maternal and infant health through several programs. Our International Medical Aid program provides support at the institution level with needs assessments, equipment, medical/surgical supplies and exam furnishings. 

Domestically, Global Links' Community Partners Program support women's shelters, crisis nurseries, and maternity care homes with distributions of newborn clothing and care supplies, formula, blankets, and more.

How you can help:

Donate materials:

  • Diapers: size newborn and 1
  • Baby clothes: size newborn through 9 months
  • Baby hygiene (unscented!): baby wipes, baby lotion, baby wash/shampoo
  • Baby washcloths

A big thank you to our partners at Global Links that donated... formula!!  We had a client Karen (not her real name) that came in and saw that we had that formula and told me that she was using this type because it was less expensive than the (brand) that the doctor prescribed for her daughter. Her daughter was crying and constipated from the (brand) that WIC provides. We gave her a few cans and she is thrilled because she had been buying it and the last time she went they didn't have it.  She will come in and get more formula as needed.  -Genesis House Employee