Breathe Hope

Breath is Life

Throughout the world, asthma and other respiratory conditions are on the rise. Poor air quality, poverty, and limited medical resources exacerbate the problem. Global Links’ Breathe Hope Program recovers nebulizers from people across the US for use in our International and Domestic Medical Aid Programs.

Global Links’ Breathe Hope Program recovers nebulizers from people across the US and shares them with our partners in resource-poor communities at home and abroad. Domestically, we work with Community Partners such as safety-net clinics to provide home-use nebulizers for underinsured patients with limited means.

Our International Medical Aid projects supply nebulizers to clinics where patients once had to wait to use the sole nebulizer. Because of Breathe Hope, staff can now treat several patients at once.

How you can help:

Donate your no longer needed nebulizer!  Global Links accepts clean, functioning, non battery-operated nebulizers along with unopened tubing and masks by mail or drop off at our headquarters. Click here to donate a nebulizer.

Learn more about how you can support Breathe Hope with a community nebulizer collection, social media campaign, or financial donation by emailing or call 412.361.3424.


What a joy it was to be able to provide {the patient} with a free nebulizer that same day. We did not have to scramble to try and change any medications and she did not have to worry about her breathing worsening without her machine.

     - Case Manager, Lackey Clinic

 Ruth, like many of many of the patients at the Free Medical Clinic of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, has COPD; and like all of our patients has no health insurance. With temperatures over 95 degrees for a week, it’s hard to get through the day, and a gift of a nebulizer and tubing is what makes her able to care for herself and her family and stay out of the emergency room this summer.

     - Karen S., Clinic Manager