Global Links Breathe Hope program was created to meet the need for better access to breathing treatment.  No one should fight through their respiratory distress unassisted because a simple device is not easily accessible.

We Accept:

  • Clean and functioning nebulizers
  • Unopened tubing and masks

We DO NOT accept:

  • Non-functioning nebulizers
  • Opened or used tubing and masks
  • Albuterol sulfate vials
  • Inhalers

Ready to ship your nebulizer?

Use this convenient label to ship your nebulizer or drop off at the address below: 

Global Links
700 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Save paper! Provide your email address for an electronic receipt.

Your additional donation of $35 will help us provide new accessories with each donated machine. To make a secure donation via our website, click here and write Breathe Hope in the comment area.


More About The Breathe Hope Program

How Nebulizer Donations are Processed