Corporate Partnerships and Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering is good for employees and great for corporate culture.  Spending time together outside of the regular corporate environment builds bonds, enhances relationships and provides a sense of connectedness.  Co-workers get to take a break from their regular roles and relationships and work together in new ways to achieve a common goal. 

Corporate Volunteer Days have been shown to help retention rates by providing a sense of greater purpose and fulfillment.  And let's be real - getting your corporate name out there linked to volunteering is good for your image.  Of course, that is not why you are doing it, but it sure doesn't hurt either.

Seven reasons to volunteer as a Corporate Team

Schedule a single shift or become a Corporate Partner for access to all of the benefits.

For more information contact Stacy at or 412-361-3424 x205. 

Corporate Volunteer Shifts

We offer Corporate Volunteer Days for groups of 5-15 people on Fridays for 2 hours.  Groups can choose one shift from either 10:00am-12:00pm or 1:00-3:00pm.  For groups who have never volunteered before, we like to begin with a tour and discussion of our work.  This really adds a lot to the experience, as volunteers learn about and connect to the need/benefit of their work.  We have a nice eating area and your group is welcome to bring in food and enjoy lunch together either before or after your shift. 

If you are looking for something that falls outside of these parameters, we would be happy to work with you to curate that.  Any time we schedule outside of our regular shifts, we need to specially schedule staff to cover and so it falls into our Custom Volunteer Experiences.  The suggested donation for this experience is $250 for 5-15 people and $450 for 15-30 people.  All Corporate donations enable us to cover our costs incurred as well as help to get the items you sort and pack to where they need to go.  

We also have a nice conference room and meeting space here, should you wish to add a meeting on to your day.  All volunteering takes place at our heaquarters in Green Tree - 700 Trumbull Drive 15205.  

If you are interested in scheduling a group volunteer shift or have any questions, please Email us or call us at (412) 361-3424 x205