Suture Program

If we hadn't been there, with a great surgeon and good sutures, [the patient] would have left four orphans in this terribly poor country that already has far too many motherless children. So, once again, thank you so much for providing this lifesaving gift of suture.

Dr. Laura Chambers-Kersh,
Kamuzu Central Hospital, Malawi

God forbid, if ever it happen that we cannot do surgery because of no appropriate sutures, it will be a disaster. People might destroy the hospital which is not impossible in this part of the world. They always expect us to have all these and if no donated sutures available then we have to get it by any means within our reach. The suture we get from Global Links is never available from the government run Central Medical store and even from local suppliers.

Dr. Moises Granada,
Porgera Hospital, Papua New Guinea

Global Links continues to help us by donating cardiac surgical sutures. It is because of such continued support that we are able to run our program and care for the un-affording section of patients in this part of our country.

Dr. Shirish S. Pargaonkar,
Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Miraj Heart Institute, India

In many countries, hospitals that serve the poor lack sutures – surgical stitching material – or they don’t have appropriate or good quality sutures. Without sutures, surgery is impossible. Mothers who need cesarean sections have no other options. Without sutures, they die. With inappropriate sutures, wounds don’t heal well, infection sets in, and the patient can be worse off than before the surgery.


Since 1989, Global Links Suture Donation Program has been collecting surplus sterile sutures from hospitals across the United States and sending them to hospitals in resource-poor communities. The hospitals that receive sutures from Global Links have made a commitment to care for those unable to pay, and providing this costly material directly to them helps them continue to do so.

For more information, email Suture Program Manager.