Photos from the Field

Conducting Needs Assessments in Bolivia

In July 2018, Global Links International Medical Aid team traveled to Bolivia to visit and assess the needs of the country's rural, isolated healthcare facilities and the communities they serve.

This is the Sapahaqui Maternal Infant Clinic in rural Andean Bolivia. Many women who attend this clinic journey for hours on foot from their villages just for a check-up.

Laura, for example, carried her son on foot for 4 hours to arrive at the health center for preventative care and health education. 

The preferred method of travel for the babies of Andean Bolivia.

Global Links' international programs prioritize the most isolated, difficult-to-access communities. Many of the communities we serve are only accessible by 8+ hour car rides through the mountains or the jungle - or sometimes both.

After 8 hours of travel on rough terrain, Global Links staff is warmly greeted by the local mayor, municipal council, and members of the community. Traditional welcomes include confetti, flower wreaths, handmade gifts, and potluck-style dinners courtesy of the community.

Program Director Karina Zelaya and Program Manager Kelly Paola with their welcome gifts from the communities of the Sapahaqui municipality.

This small, one-room health center in the municipality of Cairoma is typical of rural Bolivia. With limited access to running water and stable electricity, centers like this often also face severe supply shortages and lack the basic equipment necessary to provide care. By partnering with Global Links, they can

 Other health centers, like this one in the municipality of Caracato, have solid, new infrastructure but lack the furnishings and equipment to fill the space. Once construction is complete, Global Links is able to fill the center wall-to-wall with the materials needed to ensure patients a dignified environment to receive medical attention. 

GL staff also visited municipalities we've benefited in previous years to meet with community leaders and gather feedback about the impact of our work. Pictured is an exam room in the Huari Belen Health Center, which Global Links fully equipped in 2017.