Photos from the Field

Honduras, March 2018

It’s exciting when our team has access to internet when they’re in the field, we get to see photos right away! Our Director of International Medical Aid, Karina, and our International Medical Aid Program Manager, Kelly, are currently visiting with our partners in Honduras. Here are their photos from the field.


Karina and Kelly (third and fourth from left) met with government officials of Honduras to talk about our program. Representatives from the Pan American Health Organization, the Ministry of Health, the Office of the First Lady, and the National Public Health System were in attendance along with both Vice Ministers of Health, Fanny Mejía and Karina Silva.

The agreement with Honduras begins the second phase of our Strengthening the Pubic Health System project in partnership with the Government of Honduras.

Karina and Kelly are accompanied by hospital staff including the director of the hospital, Dr. Marvin Macedo, for a visit to Santa Rosita Psychiatric Hospital.

This is Dr. Marvin Macedo, Director of Hospital Psiquiátrico Santa Rosita, standing with a gurney and IV poles, donated by Global Links.

Kelly and a patient named Collin, who speaks some impressively conversational English. He learned in high school and still remembers quite a bit.

Global Links conducts assessments to ensure the materials that were sent arrived in good condition and are meeting the needs of our partners. Karina is with the hospital administrator and pharmacist reviewing materials from past donations.

Last year, Santa Rosita Psychiatric Hospital constructed a new building for their female patients. This residential ward was furnished with dorm beds Global Links provided. Here, you can see each patient has a comfortable bed AND a place to put their personal belongings.

This woman's name is Adriana and, according to staff at the hospital, she absolutely loves makeup. Adriana stopped to ask Karina for lipstick. Karina dug around in her bag and found a tube of lipstick, applied it to Adriana, and let her keep it. Adriana is carrying a handbag that was part of a special collection Global Links sent in 2016 to support the dignity of the residents.

This is Mirian, another patient at Hospital Psiquiátrico Santa Rosita. She's one of the long-term patients, and has been staying at Santa Rosita for almost 15 years. But how about that smile?! She's also the proud owner of a Global Links-donated purse.

This is Ana and Concepción, both patients at Santa Rosita. Hospital staff told Global Links about the couple: "First off, Concepción is very pleased with the photo! Both long-term patients at the hospital, Ana and Concepción are a couple who have been by each other's sides for around 15 years. She takes care of him and often goes looking for him in his quarters. She even uses her Global Links-donated purse to carry around his things for him. Here at the hospital we've been talking about throwing them a wedding-like ceremony since they've stuck together so long. There are other couples that have formed here at the hospital, but they are truly infamous for their strong relationship."

Dr. Mirza Ruiz is the pharmacist at Hospital Psiquiátrico Santa Rosita and uses Global Links-donated furnishings every day to help her organize and distribute patients’ medications.

A desk and two side chairs donated by Global Links in 2017. Administrative furnishing like this are often the most-requested items because they allow healthcare professionals to provide the best care possible.

This woman is on the hospital’s kitchen staff at Hospital Juan Manuel Galvez and is showing off a food service cart donated by Global Links which helps her distribute food to patients and staff throughout the hospital more efficiently.

A nurse taking a well-deserved break in a clean and comfortable side chair donated by Global Links.

This patient is receiving treatment in one of the 10 beds Global Links donated to this Hospital Santa Barbara last year to furnish their ER.

Often large hospitals operate with only one ultrasound machine which typically functions on a tight schedule with a high demand. Global Links donated a fetal doppler to this hospital in 2017 which allows staff to monitor a baby’s heartbeat without transferring the pregnant women to the ultrasound suite once they’ve been admitted to the labor and delivery wing (as is the case in this photo).

These multi-position treatment chairs lay all the way flat like a gurney and  provide a comfortable and dignified environment for patients to receive care.

This is Dr. Nora Maradiaga, Director of Instituto Nacional Cardiopulmonar. This hospital has a large, sprawling campus and Dr. Maradiaga explained the hospital’s previous difficulties in transporting ill patients from one wing to another. These transport gurneys donated by Global Links have alleviated this issue.

Nurses must often share stethoscopes with their colleagues due to resources limitations. Thanks to a Global Links donation, this nurse proudly shows off her stethoscope which she is able to keep on her throughout her shift.

These large treatment chairs were donated in 2017 and provide a comfortable, dignified environment for patients.

Two healthcare professionals show Karina the importance of having high-quality medical equipment like this Blood Pressure unit that Global Links donated in 2017.