Photos from the Field

Increased Access to Care in Guatemala

When Program Officer José Henríquez visited San Juan Cotzal, Guatemala, he found that the rate of deliveries had grown significantly, demonstrating confidence in the health center. Global Links has been working with the health center since 2010 to help expand their capacity for maternal/infant care.

A well-equipped health center means better health in the community, and less risk for pregnant women. For example, José met Maria at the health center shortly after her delivery.  Because the health center is now equipped for high-risk pregnancies, Maria was spared a potentially treacherous four-hour journey to the nearest hospital.

The hospital in Cuilapa, Guatemala, serves a population of 350,000. In 2011, a bacterial outbreak that resulted in the deaths of 14 newborn babies was blamed, in part, on lack of space and medical materials. Global Links worked with the Pan American Health Organization and local officials to help solve this problem.

The hospital built a new women’s ward – and Global Links helped to furnish it.

GL donations also helped to furnish the men’s post-operative ward, providing high-quality beds, mattresses and linens to improve recovery conditions for the patients.

Twenty two of the doctors on staff at Cuilapa are graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba (ELAM), and are pursuing specialized training there. By supporting the ELAM graduates, Global Links is supporting the ELAM philosophy of increased access to preventive care – a philosophy embodied in our own work as well.