Photos from the Field

Guatemala, 2011

In March, Program Officer José Henríquez traveled to Guatemala to assess the impact of previous Global Links projects and build relationships to further improve health conditions. Many of the areas he visited, such as Nahualá in the department of Sololá, shown here, are primarily populated by indigenous Mayan people. These areas have higher poverty rates than Guatemala’s national average, and less access to education and healthcare.

At the health center at Cotzal, in the Ixil triangle in the department of El Quiché, the staff told José how pleased they are with the donation of medical aid from Global Links in 2010. Expectant mothers are given a tour of the clean, well-furnished delivery room, which is now outfitted with a table for deliveries and an infant warming station from Global Links.  The new equipment boosts confidence among the patient population -- deliveries went from 70 in 2009 to 170 in 2010, a significant improvement as local health authorities focus on reducing infant and maternal mortality.

Increased in-hospital births illustrate how the public health model espoused by the Pan American Health Organization along with local government and health authorities leads to better outcomes. By partnering with these organizations, Global Links can measurably improve healthcare. Shown here is the busy waiting room at Cotzal, furnished in part by Global Links.

The pride that the staff, mostly indigenous themselves, take in their workplace is evident. Increased capacity at the health center led to the assignment of three additional doctors, along with support staff.

Here, a nurse demonstrates use of a centrifuge that Global Links donated, which is in constant use at the health center. Modern, appropriate equipment not only enhances healthcare in the community, it enables the staff to carry out their duties professionally, and raises morale – an additional benefit./p>

José was pleased to meet a new young mother, shown with her family, recovering from delivery in a bed from Global Links. The four doctors working at this health center graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM). By supporting their work, Global Links can continue to empower local medical staff.
The Ixil triangle is still suffering from the effects of a thirty-six year civil war and a long history of poverty. Partnering with ELAM, PAHO and local authorities enables Global Links to have a more significant impact on health conditions throughout the country – ensuring a healthier future for all Guatemalans.