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Global Links will accept hospitals into the Suture Donation Program if they are committed to providing care for those unable to pay, and if we are able to provide the sutures they need. In order for Global Links to consider accepting a new hospital, the following information is necessary:

  • Name and location of facility. Because suture donations may be sent by mail, the correct mailing address for the institution is essential. Please note any special shipping considerations and whether or not the mail service is reliable.
  • Name of Chief Hospital Administrator and Chief Medical Officer.
  • Number and types of surgeries performed annually.
  • Name of individual responsible for monitoring suture use, and description of institutional arrangements for security in usage and storage.
  • A list of the types and sizes of sutures your institution can use. Global Links provides up to 1,000 sutures a year per institution, and more as supplies permit. Certain widely used sutures may be in short supply.
  • Information regarding possible couriers to carry sutures from the United States to your facility.
  • Proof that the hospital provides care to underserved, vulnerable, and/or marginalized patients. Global Links’ policy is to donate to institutions where patients are not turned away because of inability to pay.
  • Please indicate if you are interested in receiving recently expired sutures and/or surgical blades and needles.

In order for us to properly evaluate the effectiveness of the program, it is essential that we receive complete follow-up information from participating facilities. Because our sutures are donated by hospitals around the United States, we need to be able to illustrate for them the impact of their actions – with stories about patients saved, and photos when possible.

For more information contact:

Global Links
Manager, Suture Donation Program
700 Trumbull Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Phone: (412) 361-3424