This shipment was like a ‘Godsend.’ It came just in time when everything was running low. Everything was carefully chosen. All departments benefited and are extremely grateful.

Lavern Palmer,
CEO, May Pen Hospital

Population: 2.7 million
Life Expectancy: 72
Infant Mortality Rate: 26
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 89 [60-120]

Global Links' program in Jamaica is one of our oldest. We began working there in 1990 by coordinating with the Jamaica Medical Assistance Committee and the local Pan American Health Organization office to improve the standard of health care delivered in public sector hospitals and health centers. Containers of medical aid have been sent to hospitals throughout the island, from Port Antonio to Montego Bay.

Global Links has partnered with the ALCOA foundation to sponsor containers of aid in addition to specialized training for key health workers. We are currently working directly with the Jamaican Ministry of Health to support priority hospitals and key areas, and collaborate with the Ministry's national plan to improve health.

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