There are countless cases in which supplies from Global Links have enhanced the care given to patients in the first Garifuna Hospital of Honduras. In each consultation, you can see materials from Global Links playing a critical role in the care we provide.

Dr. Luther Castillo Harry,
Director Ejecutivo,
Primer Hospital Popular Garífuna

Thank you very much for your cooperation and your willingness to support Honduras, where the needs seem to go beyond our capacities. I want to reiterate that Global Links’ contribution has considerably improved health services offered to those with scarce resources in this country.

Dr. Gina Watson,
Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Representative in Honduras

Population: 8.09 million, 29.2% survive on less than $2/day
Life Expectancy: 74
Infant Mortality Rate: 19
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 120

Global Links' Honduras program began in 1998, after the country's medical system was devastated by Hurricane Mitch.  Donations from Global Links have been sent all over the country, to such hospitals along the Mosquito Coast as Hospital Puerto Lempira and Hospital Comunal de Ciriboya, as well as to the key national referral hospitals in the capital of Tegucigalpa, such as Instituto Nacional del Torax and Hospital Escuela.

We work with the Pan American Health Organization and the Ministry of Health to strengthen rural healthcare facilities outside the capital city, where access to healthcare is difficult.

We have collaborated with the Garifuna community to furnish the first Garifuna community hospital in Ciriboya, Iriona, which is staffed and run by Garifuna doctors in collaboration with Cuban and American medical teams.

We work with our partners to strengthen their primary care and emergency areas as well as labor and delivery wards, in an attempt to reduce the number of women and infants dying in childbirth.  Currently we are focusing our efforts in the Mosquito Coast and the departments of Lempira, Intíbuca, and Santa Barbara.

With increased financial donations, we could not only send more 40-foot containers of medical aid to Honduras, we could also purchase some of the materials that we do not receive adequate numbers of through our traditional recovery process, such as minor surgery kits, vaginal speculums, fetoscopes, and infant scales.  These items are essential to improve primary care for women and children.

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