Your donation was a great blessing to my children. I have children who lost an eye due to lack of basic eye care. With your donation of supplies and the help of the Cuban Medical Cooperation in Haiti, we have been able to provide all children at the school and other people in the community with eye care. More than 28 people were operated on. I am planning a consultation at least monthly for them.

Dr. Patrick Dely on the items donated to St. Michel de l’Attalaye School

Your donations help us save lives! The clinic serves a community of 15,000 and attracts hundreds of patients from all over the region. The furnishings and supplies from Global Links quite simply allow us to deliver better care. The Safe Birth kits will save the lives of mothers and infants, and the baby bags will encourage mothers to deliver in the safe environment of the Maternity Center.

Dr. Daniel Lattanzi
LaCroix Clinic and Maternity Center

Population: 10.31 million, 77.51% survive on less than $2/day
Life Expectancy: 63
Infant Mortality Rate: 55
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 380

Infant and maternal mortality rates in Haiti are the highest in the hemisphere, and infant mortality rates have actually been increasing due to widespread poverty, inadequate health services, and the AIDS epidemic.

With the devastating earthquake of January 2010, the work to rebuild and improve Haiti's health infrastructure will take many years.

Global Links began working in Haiti in 1996, and collaborates with the Pan American Health Organization, the Haitian Ministry of Health, and other partner NGOs, including Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles and the House of David Community Health Center in Petionville.  Working with these partners, we deliver critically needed medical furnishings, equipment, and supplies to hospitals and health centers throughout the country.

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