Dominican Republic

The donations [from Global Links] have allowed us to provide higher quality care to our patients and the improvements we have made with your help have made us stronger and more committed to improving our institution and serving our community.

Dr. Christopher Doumpa,
Director FUDOPROSA Hospital

Most people think that these materials are not so important. But there are clinics here that have nothing. To have a chair, to have a desk, just a lamp to do a physical exam is very important. This kind of thing will change reality in some of the communities here.

Dr. Socorro Gross,
PAHO/WHO Representative

Population: 9.6 million 5% survive on less than one dollar/day (2005 figure)
Life expectancy: 73
Infant Mortality Rate: 27
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 100 [62-170]

Global Links began its program in the Dominican Republic in 1998, in close coordination with the local office of the Pan American Health Organization and the Secretariat of Health (SESPAS). The program began with a focus on improving health conditions and quality of care in the quickly industrializing and rapidly growing area of San Cristobal. Due to the high concentration of factories in that area, a large influx of people moved to the region, straining public health facilities.

Now our program is shifting to the border region, where hospitals are understaffed and lacking even basic equipment and supplies. Doctors and nurses in these hospitals regularly treat both Dominican and Haitian patients, putting an extra demand on their already limited supplies. These border hospitals and health facilities are going to become even more critical as increasing numbers of Haitians cross over into the Dominican Republic seeking medical care in the wake of the devastating earthquake of January 2010.

Help will be needed over the long term to adequately supply these essential health facilities. Please donate here.