To cooperate with people like you and such a prestigious organization like Global Links is, for me, one of the most important tasks I have had in my professional life, and I will continue doing this with efficiency and humility so that your inestimable help will continue arriving, as it has up to today, to children who really need it.

Dr. Julio Brossard, Neurosurgeon at Santiago Pediatrico Sur Hospital in Santiago, Cuba

The impact of the donations that you have made has been fundamental to the solution of some prioritized problems in the Health System of Cuba. For example, your collaboration with the Institute of Nephrology and the country’s clinical surgical hospitals, to name a few examples of cooperation.

Dr. Patricio Yepez Mino,
PAHO/WHO Representative

Population: 11.26 million
Life Expectancy: 78
Infant Mortality Rate: 5
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 80

Global Links began working in Cuba in 1994 at the request of the Pan American Health Organization.  Cuba has one of the most sophisticated public health systems in the hemisphere and some of the strongest health indicators.  However, the country suffers from a chronic shortage of supplies, made worse by the 50-year blockade imposed by the United States.  The lack of basic items such as sutures, endotracheal tubes, and gloves can force hospitals to cancel surgeries.

Global Links is licensed by the US government to provide medical humanitarian aid to Cuba.  Materials donated by Global Links are received and distributed by the PAHO/WHO office in Havana and the Cuban Ministry of Health to specialty institutions and hospitals in Havana as well as to the regional and community hospitals in the provinces.

In 2008 and again in 2012, Cuba was struck by hurricanes, incurring billions of dollars in damages and further stressing the country's healthcare infrastructure.  Global Links is engaged in long-term hurricane relief efforts to refurnish hospitals in the hardest hit regions, such as the Isle of Youth, Pinar del Rio, Las Tunas, Camagüey, and Santiago.

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