Your help has been some of the best help the Bolivian government has received in years.

Rosanna Suárez, Director of the Unidad de Apoyo a la Gestión Social, Ministry of the President

Population: 10.67 million, 12.75% survive on less than $2/day
Life Expectancy: 68
Infant Mortality Rate: 31
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 200

The Bolivian health system suffers from limited budgets and material shortages.  With the help of the Pan American Health Organization and what was then the First Ladies Organization, Global Links sent its first container to Bolivia in 2000.

Global Links' donations have reached hospitals in the main cities of La Paz, Oruro, and Cochabamba, as well as some extremely remote parts of the country.  Donations from Global Links helped set up a new operating room in the northern province of Pando.

Due to large distances and difficult terrain, one of the biggest challenges to the health system is physical access to healthcare facilities.  Some communities are only accessible by foot or by boat.  Furnishing community clinics will improve the quality of care being delivered to many Bolivians, and could save many lives.  Since many women give birth in the rural health centers, the centers must be properly equipped to handle deliveries as well as check-ups.

Our current efforts focus on two of the most remote and underserved areas in Bolivia, the departments of Pando and Potosi.

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To learn more, watch the video Working Partnership: Supporting Healthcare Close to Home in Bolivia.


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