Environmental Stewardship in Healthcare

This patient is recovering from cardiac surgery in a bed from Global Links. The cardiac unit in Cuba was unable to open until Global Links provided ICU beds that were surplus donated from US hospitals.
Global Links makes it easy to do the right thing for the environment and for global health. As an institution, our vision is to “improve human health, and provide medical leadership to the world,” and Global Links helps us achieve this goal by ensuring that our used clinical furniture gets a second life in a community that really needs it.

We recently donated mattresses and clinical furnishings after the opening of our new clinical tower, and the transaction went smoothly.

Kristian Hayes
Assistant Director of General Services
Johns Hopkins Health System

Global Links makes it simple and efficient for our hospital to donate surplus supplies and equipment, giving it a second life helping people in need around the world.

Through our long-term partnership with Global Links we are able to contribute to greener healthcare practice in Pittsburgh, while improving the lives of so many people who have inadequate medical care.

Amy Bush, BSN, MBA, RN, CNOR
Executive Director Surgical Services
Presbyterian University Hospital, UPMC

For more than twenty-five years, Global Links has been working with healthcare facilities to reduce their environmental impact as well as their storage and disposal costs. By linking the tremendous amount of still-useful medical materials being sent to landfills with the dire need for these same materials in resource-poor communities in this hemisphere, Global Links solves two problems with one solution.

As hospitals across the United States focus on better environmental stewardship, and as the realization grows that we are all members of a global community, Global Links’ model of recovery and reuse is a proven strategy.

If your facility is storing unneeded furnishings, or preparing to renovate or close a unit, contact Global Links to discuss donating surplus materials. Global Links works with hospitals throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, providing reports to meet both community benefit and sustainability requirements, so that facilities can demonstrate financial and humanitarian advantages.

By working with Global Links, your facility benefits, the environment is protected, and healthcare is improved in a community not very far from our own.

For details, see Donate Product. For more information on Global Links’ commitment to the environment, visit our Sustainability page.