Save Your Scrubs

Don't Discard, Donate.

Just like a stethoscope and blood pressure unit, scrubs are an essential tool for healthcare.  Sanitary medical uniforms not only help prevent the spread of disease, they signify to both patients and visitors that their care provider is a medical professional.

Global Links’ Save Your Scrubs Program collects gently worn and new surplus scrubs for our programs that support health improvement initiatives in resource-poor communities.

See how donated scrubs impact healthcare:


Individuals: Send us your scrubsWe accept all clean scrubs and lab coats, in good condition with no rips, stains, or personal name embroidery.  Institution names are acceptable.

Hospital Systems: Host a scrub drive for your employeesWe can provide you with marketing and promotional materials to help make your Save Your Scrubs Drive a success.

Scrub Manufacturers: Donate samples and surplus. It's a socially and environmentally beneficial use for your samples and surplus stock and a possible tax deduction for the company.