Protecting Local Healthcare Workers Serving the Most Vulnerable

March 19 Update on COVID-19 Response: We have mobilized our local response to protect local healthcare workers serving the most vulnerable. Locally, our domestic medical aid team is reaching out to our Community Partners who have clinical operations to learn their need for medical materials for their healthcare workers. Global Links has the capability to provide support to our local Community Partner organizations as they strive to keep their workers protected and to provide uninterrupted and critical services to their clients. Our first distributions will go out to the Pittsburgh area organizations Central Wellness Outreach, Operation Safety Net, Prevention Point Pittsburgh, and the Robert Morris University School of Nursing Hope Center. We have also reached out to our wider Community Partner network to see if they have an increased need for the materials we typically provide to them, for example liquid-nutrition, incontinence supplies, and infant formula. 

For more information, contact:

Community Partner requests - Carey Mittermeier, Program Manager  Phone: +1-412-361-3424 x204  Email:

Media inquiries: Angela Garcia, Executive Director  Mobile Phone: +1-412-735-6212

Financial donations in support of our work: Jennifer Novelli, Development Manager  Phone: +1-412-361-3424 x203