Solar Panel Installation Happening Now on our Roof!

Global Links is proud to be the first cohort project of the newly opened Pennsylvania Solar Center, a statewide solar energy resource hub established to guide non-profits and small businesses through the solar purchase process and connect them to qualified installers and financing.

Thanks to guidance from the Pennsylvania Solar Center, a grant from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, and an innovative financing tool offered by Scalo Solar Solutions, LLC, Global Links will soon have a new reflective white roof and a 63.2 kilowatt (kW), 10,000 sq. foot solar array. Once installed the array will produce about 82% of our current energy needs. 

Global Links was also honored to receive Pennsylvania Solar Center's very first Lodestar Award. A lodestar is defined as a star that navigators use to guide their ships or an inspirational leader, and the Lodestar Award recognizes those who demonstrate leadership through their use of solar energy.

Multiple segments have aired on KDKA radio, WESA, WTAE, WPXI, and Trib Live, highlighting the installation of a solar array on our roof. If you missed it, check out a few of the features below:
WESA Video
WPXI Article and Video
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