Donate Scrubs

Her stethoscope and blood pressure unit are essential medical tools. So are her scrubs.

Save Your Scrubs.

Nurse checking a patient's blood pressue.
Rebecca Droke Photo, Guatemala

Scrubs reduce the opportunity for infectious material to be transmitted between patients. Their basic design makes them easy to clean, with few places for microbes to hide. An abundant supply means that healthcare workers can change into a fresh pair when the need arises.

In many resource-poor communities, scrubs are in short supply.

You can help solve this problem. Donate your gently worn scrubs to Global Links.

What we accept:

We accept all sizes of clean scrubs and lab coats. The items must be in good condition with no rips, stains, or personal name embroidery. Institution names are acceptable.

Mail or drop off your scrubs to:

Global Links
700 Trumbull Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Attn: Save Your Scrubs

Save paper – provide your email address for an electronic receipt.

Your additional donation of $10 will help us deliver these scrubs to where they are desperately needed. To make a secure donation via our website, click here and write Save Your Scrubs in the comment area.

For more information, email Matt Fuller or call 412.361.3424, ext. 213.

Click here for a tax-deductible receipt.