Baby Supplies

In resource-poor communities, new moms often go without many of the essentials they need to keep their baby clean, safe, and healthy.

Supplies for newborns are needed in many of our international and domestic programs. While basic materials come from hospital surplus, the bulk of the items we donate to new moms comes from our generous community.

To: Hospital Armando E. Cardoso in Guaimaro, Cuba

Through this note, I would like to express how appreciative and happy I was to receive a mother-baby bag filled with various items when I came to give birth at your facility. The bag made me so happy because it contained items I wasn’t able to afford for my baby at the time. Thank you for the medical care I received, the free gift and a special thanks to the director of the unit for ensuring that this gift arrived in our hands. On my behalf, as well as on behalf of all the mothers that were at the hospital giving birth and received your bags, I send you a kiss and a hug to thank you with all my heart.”

Warm regards,
Maylin Aguilar Castellanos


  • Donate supplies
    > Diapers: size 2 and up
    > Baby hygiene: wash, wipes, shampoo, lotion (no powders)
  • Host a "Baby Shower" – ask your guests to provide supplies from the above lists, and show them a video about our work. Email us for details.