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Global Links Nebulizer Collection

A woman administering a nebulizer to a small child.
Poor air quality. Poverty. Limited medical resources. The consequences can be breathtaking.

Every donated nebulizer will save lives.

magine that your child suffers from asthma. She is in respiratory distress, wheezing and struggling to breathe. Now imagine that you live in a rural area in Nicaragua, and you must carry your child several miles to a clinic for a breathing treatment. When you arrive, another family is using the clinic’s only nebulizer. You must wait your turn, listening to your child fight for breath.

All across Central and South America, nebulizers are in short supply, but asthma is on the rise. Deteriorating environmental conditions underlie increasing rates of respiratory disease, especially among children. The dust from unpaved roads, smoke from cooking fires, and burning garbage all exacerbate the condition.

In this country, most nebulizers – breathing machines – cannot be returned for reuse. But Global Links collects used nebulizers for donation to our partner hospitals and clinics. Volunteers clean and prepare them for shipment, and pack the supplies necessary for their use.

Mail or drop off your electric nebulizer to:

Global Links
700 Trumbull Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Attn: Nebulizer Collection

Save paper – provide your email address for an electronic receipt.

No battery-operated machines accepted. For more information, email Global Links.

Your financial donation of $35 allows us to provide new accessories with each donated machine. A donation of $200 allows us to provide a complete nebulizer kit including 4 machines and required accessories. Click here to donate now and select Breathe Hope under Program Support.